We are a brokerage company with widespread experience of more than 16 years in the shipping business.

Our goal is to help your company to develop its business joining the necessity to ship with the ability to carry goods.

Specialized in parceling and full shipments of different commodities carried in bulk and break-bulk vessels.

Our focus is on the carriage of cargoes from and to the West Coast of South America, we have strong relationship with Shippers, Charterers, Receivers and Carriers operating in the coast.

We are there to help and guide you to grow your business.

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  • Our focus is to help to develop and grow your business finding the SPACE to carry your goods.
  • Follow up and guide you on all stages during the negotiation of Spot Contracts and Contracts of Affreightments.
  • We prepare, guide or advice on Laytime Calculations helping you to save time and concentrate in your main business.

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  • Find cargos to cover your open SPACE, helping to maximize the results.
  • Provide information of ports costs and restrictions.
  • We know how your business is so can also help to calculate your voyage results and Time Charter equivalent.
  • We can find or market your tonnage.

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